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Copenhagen Film Fund
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Mikael Svensson
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Mobile: +46 707 16 32 02

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Read what award-winning directors, actors and producers have to say about shooting in the Oresund Region.

“The Oresund Region is a world leader in terms of the delicate balance between artistic immersion and efficient film economy. That’s probably the secret behind the movie-industry miracle of the last ten years.”
Bille August (Oscar-winning director)

“Everything seems easier for a crew in the Oresund Region. The shooting went fine, nothing was left to chance … I’ll be back!”
Connie Nielsen (actress, Gladiator, Return to Sender)

“When it comes to the production of medium-budget features with international casts, the Oresund Region, with its excellent film professionals and easy access to locations, is extremely competitive globally.”
Michael Lunderskov (Exec. Producer, Return to Sender)

“Many are surprised to learn that it’s possible to shoot a wide range of North American scenery in the Oresund Region. Only, distances are much smaller here and costs lower.”
Jan Troell (Oscar-nominated director, writer, DoP)

“Thank goodness, there are still idiots around having faith in their crazy schemes. So far, that has resulted in a film industry employing 7.500 people in the Oresund Region!”
Peter Aalbæk (Exec. Producer, Zentropa)

"Scandinavian architecture, design and advertising has made it all over the world and when it comes to TVC, the region is one of the most award winning at the international festivals."
Christian Bévort (General Manager, Moland Film Co. Ltd., Copenhagen, and Chairman of the Association of Danish Advertising Producers)

“Usually, filming in a foreign country is filled with hassles, confusion and, most of all, a language barrier which always tends to slow production down. But filming in the Oresund Region was a completely different experience. The film commission went above and beyond to assist me in my plans, which included finding the most experienced, helpful and friendly production assistant/driver/location manager/translator. All I asked for was a production assistant, but I received all of these skills in one. What a help! I look forward to the day when I can return and work with these great people again.”
Laurie McGuckin (Producer, Discovery Communications)

"We recently finished a two-week production in the Oresund area for a Discovery Channel series. It was a very successful shoot and the support and assistance provided by the Natasha Banke of the Oresund Film Commission was invaluable. Having never previously filmed in the area, we of course had many questions prior to our arrival and during our time there and Ms Banke was always ready to help. Many thanks!”
Moses Shumow (Co-producer, Powderhouse Productions)

“Working with the Oresund Film Commission - both with the Swedish contact, Natasha Banke, and the Danish side, Ulrik Bolt Jørgensen, has been a delight from day one: not only were answers supplied most efficiently and quickly, production support was provided to a degree that is way beyond what one might expect. <…> If only every location contact were so easy to work with - we'd come back in a heartbeat!”
Mary Pratt (Producer, Mission Photo Production)

“We’d long been talking to Natasha Banke about the possibility of going to Southern Sweden to shoot music videos. The creation of the OFC turned out to be the final argument that the Oresund region was the place to go. Music video production in Malmo was a great experience – wonderful creatives, efficient crews and great value for money. I found the OFC to be of great assistance, and after seeing some of the other locations available, I know one thing - We’ll be back!”
Valery Alborov (Producer, Hit Collection, Russia) 

This project has been partly initiated by the European Regional Development Fund, Interreg IIIA Øresund region